Local brand power with international economies of scale’

International acquisitions have turned the Belgische Mediahuis into a formidable leader in the European market. NRC Media has also been part of the company since 2015. To communicate more clearly in the future that NRC Media is part of Mediahuis, its name will be changed from NRC Media B.V. to Mediahuis NRC B.V. This name will be used in all official documentation, including quotes and invoices.

The name change will not affect NRC Media’s policy or its relationship with Mediahuis Nederland. Mediahuis believes in a pluralistic media landscape, where it encourages news brands to express their own editorial voice. The brands are free to establish their own editorial and commercial policies. As a result, each Mediahuis news brand will cater to a specific target audience. This freedom of choice benefits both journalism and revenue models.

As Commercial director Madelon Fortuin puts it:

“We are proud to be part of a successful and international journalism organisation that represents a number of strong news brands. We learn from one another and adopt successful formulas from each other. But we always do so from the perspective that it must align with the journalism brand we stand for.”

An example of a strong brand initiative is podcasting, a medium that NRC embraced very early on. Podcasting aligns seamlessly with NRC’s editorial formula, which is founded on in-depth investigative and research journalism and digging beyond the headlines and sound bites. Fortuin: “Our choice of podcasts also determines the commercial policy that will be implemented within Mediahuis NRC. It’s great to be part of a family that affords us this freedom.”

Dominic Stas, CEO of Mediahuis NRC:

“With this name change, we are making it clear that we are part of a dynamic, fast-growing international group with a strong focus on professional news delivery. The group pursues economies of scale while believing in the importance of efficiency at the brand level. Thus, where advertising impact is concerned, Mediahuis NRC will continue to pursue its own successful autonomous course, just as we have done in the past.”

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