Online submission specifications

Submitting online adverts

You can submit materials for online adverts by email to Consider the following requirements when submitting materials for an online advert:

Submit materials no later than three business days before the start of the campaign. Submit a working link (URL) with the materials.
• Materials can be submitted as: HTML5, .gif, .jpg or 3rd party tag
• Mediahuis NRC has templates for all Rich Media formats
• The landing page of the advert should open in a new window
• Audio may be submitted, provided it is User Initiated, has a frequency cap of 3 for the entire campaign period and no loop

Online advert specifications
The specifications for online advertising are provided below. For other questions, please send an email to

 ClickTag implementation

If you are using an HTML5 banner, please add the following code in the file. Note: you need a text editor to apply these changes. We recommend Sublime Text.

Step 1: Link the AppNexus script to the banner
Add the AppNexus HTML5 Library to the <head> of the index.html file. To do so, copy the following <script>-tag and paste it between <head> and </head>.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Step 2: Point the banner to the script in step 1
Use the following code and copy the clickable element (usually <a href…>) as displayed, and the clickable element will point to the script in step 1.


<a href=”javascript:void(0)” onClick=”, ‘_blank’);”>

<!— The banner code is to be inserted here –>



Step 3: Testing

Save the .html-file and open it in your webbrowser. Add ?clickTag= at the end of the URL in the addres bar

Refresh the page and click on the banner. Our website,, should open in a new window