Podcast guidelines

Podcast guidelines

Podcast adverts take into account the listening experience and are not disruptive in nature. It is therefore important to choose the right approach, so that the content of the advert is consistent with the intimate listening experience that a podcast delivers. The following are a number of creative recommendations to keep the listening experience regarding adverts for the podcast environment enjoyable. These recommendations are used in the review process for pre-rolls displayed for our original and exclusive podcasts, including NRC Vandaag, Onbehaarde Apen and Cocaïnekoorts.

Write your script in a conversational tone

It is advisable to create a script that makes listeners feel like they’re hearing about a friend’s product. Avoid making it loud, garish or overly animated, like an old-school radio spot. Ideally, it should sound like an extension of the podcast(s) they are listening to.

Avoid rushed adverts

The recommended number of words for a 30-second pre-roll is 60-90 words.
A slow cadence and well-timed pauses help listeners take in more information. Be economical with words to avoid rushed pre-rolls and breathless, non-stop voiceovers.

Effects in pre-rolls

It is advisable to use music and sound effects (SFX) sparingly as long as they complement and enhance the message rather than detract from it; in other words, avoid using music tracks with lyrics. This is largely to ensure that copyright infringements do not occur, but also because such effects can distract the audience from the message. Music/SFX can be distracting for the listener if it competes with the voiceover or distorts the pre-roll message.


Adverts should not include claims that lack credible evidence; statistics must be backed by a source.
Podcasts are a trusted listening environment. Keep in mind that many shows are journalistic in nature, so listeners and hosts are very aware of claims or falsehoods.

At the discretion of Mediahuis NRC

To ensure that our listeners get the best experience, NRC reserves the right to review and approve pre-produced pre-rolls before launch. In the event of rejected pre-rolls, you will always receive feedback as to why a pre-roll does not align with the podcasts and the requirements posed by NRC.

Submission of materials

The deadline for submitting materials for a campaign is at least three days before the start of the campaign. We cannot guarantee that the campaign will go live on time if submissions are received after the deadline.

Technical guidelines

  • 30 seconds
  • .mp3 format/.wav format (preferred)
  • Sample frequency of 44.1 kHz
  • Bit depth of 192 kbps
  • Stereo
  • Overall loudness: -16 LUFS. (Integrated average loudness of -16 LUFS (+/- 1.5 LUFS) and a True Peak limit of -2.0 dBTP)